Walnut '72 Thinline progress pics.


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Well here it is so far. No pickups yet.


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SchmoopY said:
dennq said:
Yes it is a Traynor YBA200-2. I also play bass.

hows it sound

I havent had a chance to get together with my band as of yet... I just brought the Traynor home. Its really hard to crank it up in a small room. So far so good though. Sounds very warm and vintage sounding...
nathan a said:
Lovely. Interesting seeing a 1st position dot marker

I had the fret marker added to this Showcase neck. Thought it would look kinda cool. I totally forgot about it 'till you mentionrd it.
Everyone is cashin' in on the Thinlines except me!!!:sad:  Seriously though, great looking guitar.  What pickups are you dropping in that baby?