VVG pickups just arrived! (pics inside)


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just arrived my new VVG pickups.
Ordered a custom set of humbucking PU in zebra, they 're very well built!





A great issue is you can open the rear cover and swap magnets; i have AlnicoV installed
and received a set of extra ceramic magnets to swap (also available AlnicoII and III)



These PUs also arrived with detailed technical data.


I'll give a "tone report" as soon as i'll install them.

Ventolino  :blob7:

these are best bickups i've ever seen (compared to Dimarzio, Duncan, Gibsons and Ibanez).
Don't know if mounting them on my actual LP to give it a try, or waiting for arrival of my
Warmoth parts, i'd like to hear them but also i'd like to leave them virgin for my new guitar  :dontknow:

OMG, why i made a custom order? Waiting is killing me  :binkybaby:
Great to see your pickups have arrived. I was amazed at the build quality when I opened up the boxes too. I've had mine fitted to my new Warmoth all mahogany telecaster for about six weeks now and I am still surprised at just how good they sound.

I shall be ordering some more for my next Warmoth project.
read on your previous post i ordered same as yours H540-43-SW.
Wich magnets did you choose and which DC resistance do you have on yours?
Can you give me a little review?

My specs are:

Bridge 13.2k and Neck 11.0k

I have the alnico v magnets fitted. I like the idea of having the ceramic magnets as spares in case I want a change in the future.

The sound quality produced is very good. The all mahogany guitar is going to provide a darker fuller tone anyway and these pickups make the most of it. The bridge pickup is hotter and a bit brighter, having more treble than the neck pickup and give a great cutting rock lead tone. The neck pickup is a bit more bassy and bluesy. I just have a three way switch on the telecaster - no coil taps or anything fancy and the middle position give a good tone also somewhere between the other two settings. Rolling off the tone give a very good blues / jazz sound. 

I spent the first few weeks just enjoying the wonderful overdrive from these pickups, a thick creamy sustaining sound. I have found now that they also respond well to more subtle playing and if the volume is backed off slightly they have a great clean tone, every note cleanly and clearly defined and I find that my tube amps respond really well to how hard I pick the strings.

Having made three Warmoth guitars I find that guitars I play in shops now just sound disappointing unless you can pay megabucks.

I want to build a Warmoth all rosewood George Harrison signature style telecaster next, and I shall definately be ordering the single coil telecaster set with +10% overwind from VVG.

Good luck with your build.
Thanks Ilama  :headbang:
Mine are: Bridge 14.0k and Neck 10.4k, both Alnico V.
So, maybe, i'll have a little darker bridge and a little brighter neck than yours.
Thanks again.