Vox headphone amp

I have tried several headphone amps, all for about that price and have always been disapointed, 

But I gotta think this one HAS to be good for VOX to put their name on it, for 40 bucks it's worth a try

Let us know what you think
I'll be sure to - let's all help me out!  How about a bunch of people paypal me $2 apiece so I can get it!!!  Pleeeeze!  PM me for my paypal account.
890 members X $2.00 = $1,780.00. You're just slyly trying to fund your next Warmoth, aren't you?


I really hate to disagree with Alfang, he tears me a new one every time I do, but here goes....Seems like Vox has been putting their good name on any number of dubious products in the last couple years.  I mean they still make some great high end stuff, but some of their budget crap seems to be just that, crap.  If it were me,  I would sure make a point to try this thing out before forking out the moolah, even if it is only 40 bucks.  And oh yeah,  I don't fall for those "send me a dollar " schemes, so keep fishing buddy!  :laughing7:
Gets nice reviews...


Unfortunately there are no reviews for the "Classic Rock" one which is supposed to be Marshall-esque.
DBW, have you ever noticed that everything gets 90% nice reviews on Harmony Central?
It's just $40, guitlouie, sheesh what kind of quality do you expect for that money? I personally think that the cheaper vox stuff is clearly the best in its price range, and that's the relevant question. If a company produces $200 equipment, why rag on them that it's not as good as your Marshall stack?
I'm gonna try one of these, it's exactly what I need for late-night in the apartment while-wife-is-sleeping sessions.
I submitted my last review to Harmony Central right after it was purchased by Musicians Friend. When it finally showed up it had been so heavily edited that it said pretty much the opposite  of what I had originally written. Haven't been back since.
I really like my AD50 amp - bought it at a local store for $300 or so, and it is fantastic for what it is - in my opinion, a great rehearsal / small gig amp.  Civilians can't hear the difference between it and a $50000 vintage boutique anyway. 
It's just $40, guitlouie, sheesh what kind of quality do you expect for that money?

I'm not saying that I expect a lot for forty bucks.  I am saying that when I spend my money I don't depend on what other people tell me if I can help it.  I am saying that I don't automatically think that because it has this or that name on it that it will be worth said money.  I am saying that I would go find one and try it. 
Worrying about the sound of a $40 amp is sort of like worrying about the food at Hooters.
Guitlouie, no problemo, I hear you. I don't know enough about VOX, I would like to think they would put out a good product, but they wouldn't be the first so called good name to put out some crap, and that's too bad, they might make a few bucks now, but if I buy a $40.00 headphone amp and it sucks, I'm not gonna buy a $1,000.00 amp from them.

So they become like our poor automotive industry, Chevy (and the rest) can build a car that lasts longer than the loan payments, but they choose not to. Except their trucks, I have a dodge truck with almost 300,000 miles and runs great, but 2 back to back dodge caravans lasted only 6 years and 120 thousand miles each, I shoulda learned after the first one.  I wish Warmoth made vehicles,,Hmmmm

And if anyone here told me they had this headphone amp and loved it, I'd believe them, and try it myself
neilium said:
Worrying about the sound of a $40 amp is sort of like worrying about the food at Hooters.

I hear they have good wings.  I haven't partaken myself.
lol, this is just as surprising as the time I found out that I was my own father!    :icon_scratch:  dont ask...  :laughing7: