VIP w/ strat or CBS headstock


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I love the VIP body style but none of the 3+3 style headstocks popular with the VIP allow for straight string alignment meaning they always bend sideways when coming out of the nut and going to the tuners. I would like straight string alignment like on a strat or on a tele neck. So I would like to mate a VIP neck with a strat or CBS headstock, but I am worried about how it looks. Does anybody have pics or photoshop mockups or anything of a VIP body with a strat or CBS headstock?
I would go with the look you like the best.  What is your concern with the bending strings?  I have 3 WARMOTH style headstocks and NO issues with tuning.

If it is the LOOK of the strings being straight, then I would say a strat style would look best.  Surely someone here that isa good with photoshop can help you out.  I just do not have that ability.

Are you going to have a whamma and locking nut?  That will help withthe photo shop pics.

Good luck bro.
no tuning issues here either with my headstock. you could always get a paddlehead and cut out the headstock the way you want it.

why not the variax head? that one has straight stringpull, as its called, and fits the VIP greatly.
The W head is a lot straighter than a Gibson head, for sure. Variax and V are two others. I think a strat head would look wrong on a VIP. Here's a strat neck on an LP, to show you how wrong it can be:
Variax isn't quite straight but almost. I'd go for that if I had to for looks sake. I would never put a strat headstock on a LP because I saw your picture and I know that it's fugly but I think that it just might look ok on a VIP because the VIP is a double cut design just like the strats and soloists people put those headstocks on. To me an asymetrical double cut with a strat headstock tends to look good, but I'm not sure just cause I've never seen any pics or mockups. If I see a picture and I like it, it won't matter what anyone else says, I'll still do it.
Markoooooo said:
Max, get your ass out of bed!
I did, but I've got tons of cleaning to do today. Here's my secret method:

Find a VIP body on Warmoth
Find a strat body on warmoth
go into photoshop
resize the body so the neck fits in the pocket well
erase the background on the neck
add hardware if needed.
color chrome and reflective hardware slightly to the color of the body, or whatever they are lying on.
add shadows if needed.

Maybe later today I'll have time.
maybe the warmoth warhead 6 in line headstock migh work?....  Would be better than a strat at any rate.  still not sure though.  VIP does imply 3+3 IMO.





Okay, I could've gotten neater on the backgrounds, but this should work.