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Good Day!!

I'm planning on building a VIP with a tremolo.
After speaking with a rep I found out that a carved top VIP doesn't work with a Gotoh 510 Trem.
Any advice on a tremolo for the VIP that will give solid tuning and not go out.  (not Floyd Rose)

How does the American Standard bridge work and feel on the VIP?

Thanks in advance!!


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I have a carved top soloist, which I would imagine would be pretty similar to the vip. It  has a wilkinson tremolo, which I have been happy with. 


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I own & have built several VIPs and Soloists here, and given a choice I generally  go for the Wilkkinson VS100. Very simple, easy to set up, has nearly the range of a Floyd (can be made to match it) and reliably returns to neutral so everybody stays in tune. Warmoth will also route/drill for the non-recessed Floyd, which has the same pivot post centerlines as Schaller's mis-named "Vintage Strat Replacement" bridge, which is pretty much the same thing, only a bit better in my eyes because of the saddles. Tough to find, though. Or, Warmoth is now routing/drilling for the "Non Fine Tuner" Floyds, also a good bridge, albeit a tad overpriced. But, you can tell all your friends you got a Floyd and not have to suffer it's various difficulties.

Which reminds me - locking tuners are better than a locking nut, if the nut you use is properly cut. Really, when you get down to where things matter, Floyd's claim to fame really should be the two-point knife edge fulcrum, not all the locking business and that messy tuning scheme. So, many modern bridges that feature that mounting scheme will work pretty well.


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A VIP body is not compatible with a Gotoh 510? Then it is good that I've come to this thread, because I was planning to purchase one.

It is strange then that Warmoth offers the choice of Gotoh 510 when ordering a VIP.

So, if I order the Wilkinson VS100, Which bridge route shall I choose? Wilkinson or Wilkinson Semi-Recessed?


And another question about the VIP (sorry for hijacking the thread). Is it compatible with the Warmoth Strat Replacement Neck? I am asking because, even though the pocket is also 56mm, all the VIP pics I've seen are using the Warmoth neck with 2-side tuners, but I already have one unused Strat neck.
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The original post is over two years old and things have probably changed since that time.

At one point, Warmoth did not offer a 510 tremolo rout as a standard option, which they now do and it is as you have seen listed in the builder as available for the VIP. I cannot see why it would not be compatible then or now, but check with Warmoth sales.