Vintage white strat


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Lots of pics of the build process:

Warmoth Alder vintage white body
Warmoth white/black/white pickguard (S-S-S) - 6 hole white tremolo cover
Allparts 1 piece maple V neck w/ graphite nut (nitro finish, 1 5/8"nut, 7 1/4" radius, 21 frets)
Gotoh vintage 6 hole tremolo (fender vintage arm)
Gotoh vintage tuners (chrome)
Fender vintage knobs
Chrome jack and neck plate
Allparts graphite nut

Seymour Duncan Antiquity texas hot single coils (RWRP middle, hot bridge)
Rothstein Voodoo tone wiring (holvand cap) w/ push-pull for neck on & passive midrange control

Thanks for the compliments. I haven't stopped playing it since I completed it :)

The knobs are a close match to the body, but not perfect (close enough though - I may still coffee the white ones I have just to try out that technique). I did some experimenting with the original gotoh tremolo arm attempting to shorten it, which failed miserably. I ordered a fender one and, of course, I forgot to check the threading/size, and it was too small... nothing a few wraps of teflon tape couldn't fix, which in turn made the 'swing' smoother feeling so I'm actually quite pleased with the improvised fix.  :icon_thumright:
Looks great mate.

I'm not a fan of aged white plastic but it certainly looks nice on that cream strat.

As you guys would say on here "+1"
Wyliee said:
Let's see a closeup of your logo.  I dig the placement.

It's a necklace I've been wearing for a while (tree of life). It just kind of fit nicely... it's held on there kind of loosely right now as I want to inlay it at some point. Just don't have the tools to do so properly yet.