Vintage (?) amp advise


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Hopefully one of the many vintage amp experts can give me some advise.

I found a Fender London Reverb amp (combo) in a pawn store today, but was in a rush so didn't have a very close look, but I intended to come back later to check it out.
I think it's from the 70s, since it said 'CBS' on the back and made in fullerton.
I really thought I saw some tubes in the back, but after a quick google search (harmony central reviewz) it is apparently a solid state.

so my questions.. is it worth $280? does it have some good tones? and is it something that may become collectable?
this one had 2 channels.. I think.



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Hi there,

The London Reverb was the running mate of the Fender Yale reverb in the 70's and early 80's.  I had a Yale back in the day and it was a solid well built little  amp.  Clean tones were just fine if memory serves me right.  Put out about 2x the rated power - which was good since it had a lot of headroom before it started to clip - and trust me you didn't want it to clip.  I gigged with it and it worked out fine - but I soon got rid of it and replaced it with a Laney Pro-tube 50.  BTW, I would not really call it 'vintage'.

Is it worth that kind of money?  We'll, only if it's a useful tool for you.