Vic's BFT


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The parts are all ordered, except the P90, and I'll probably pick one up right after the wood arrives (two months).

But in the meantime, here's where I'm going on this.  Just a little mock-up, to let it be kicked around a bit.


I plan on doing a black grain fill on the top, then staining it black.  Then the stain will be washed/sanded, and the top dyed blue.  The blue dye I've got is a metallic dye that tends to separate a bit as it is pulled by capillary action thru the wood.  The result is a blue/turquoise sort of color.  Nice color it is too.  Then... the stain will be washed and sanded again, to give it a soft faded glow, fuzzy unsharp edges at the edges of the top.  The top laminate will serve as natural "binding".  Back... grain filled black, then dyed with "buckskin" ProDye (a metallic leather dye).  Clear coat the top gloss, the sides and back semi gloss (or rather just not buff them out).

The neck will get the buckskin treatment too.  I ordered the neck with diamond inlays for Vic.

Pickups - Burstbucker and P90.  Controls are vol, middle, treble, pickup select and chicken head series, parallel, parallel out of phase ( through a capacitor).  Five great tones... plus a sixth if you crank the treble and middle all the way down, every note sounds like a pinch harmonic! 

Black hardware, I'll buff it a bit to get some silver showing thru on the edges.

Well, there it is, kick it around. 

The image is completely fake.  Its a mock up.

The neck is going to have a rosewood board, with diamond inlays, and be constructed from mahogany.  The mahogany will be grain filled with dark (probably black) filler, sanded back to wood, then dyed.  The result is close to what Gibson calls their "Walnut" color, a medium warm brown.  <--- CAUTION HIGHLY ADDICTIVE LINK!
(scroll down to the 52 Tele, click on it, click thru the disclaimer... then have fun with your ideas)
I used the above link to mock-up the ideas, work out things, go back and forth with Warmoth over what they would actually do... and finally place the order. 
CB , yeh I have that site bookmarked, It's a fun little program they got there.  I am looking forward to a couple more revisions down the road when there are more options, And all the different modules combined into one program  ie switch on the fly between a strat or tele body.  I'd like to see Black korina and all the woods there,
That day is comming