Variax locking tuners


Anyone know what locking tuner is a direct fit for a Variax 700 electric? matching screw holes, shaft diameter & adequate length, etc.? many on Line 6 site tell of retro-fitting Planet Waves tuners, but looking at them, the pin on the 3+3 tuners wouldn't fit the screw hole areas that the stock Gotoh's have (6 in-lines look like the screw holes fit, but the 3+3's are at right angles to the shaft, instead of the 45deg? of the 6 i-l's). I would much prefer a direct fit rather than drilling new holes, as I'm gonna do this my self, if at all possible--but, I really don't want to screw it up, either.
The Schaller Mini lockers that Warmoth sells look like they might work, as to shape, but not sure about shaft size, screw hole placement, etc. A Gotoh locker, similar to the stock ones would be OK, too, if I could find them/verify the fit.

Also, I'm thinking hard about the Earvana nut, as well. Seems to be an easy retro fit, something I could do, but I'm inferring that from the Warmoth write-up about it. Graphite would be good, but don't want to spend too much to get my dressed-up silicone chip axe in a little better 'frame of playability'. Locking tuners is 1st prioirty, though. (I really enjoy the guitar given the playing I use it for.)

thanks for any help, guidance.