Unfinished Strat Project - DONE!


Alrighty then..here's the pic...

I know it looks gorgeous when it's top routed  :-\

but for now I'm happy with what I got, I can't wait to finish this.

Here's without the pick guard

and with the pick guard and the pick ups

It's a Walnut bod and if I'm not mistaken an Indian Rosewood, now I cant remember  :sad1:

I'm not sure if I would have gone with the pink sticker, but I can see how it kind of adds to the unique visual appeal.  :icon_tongue:

I bet she'll rage! 3 pickups, cool!
K i picked up my guitar on my way to work...........no pics yet. and oh, I change the tuners to Gearless/Steinberger. My guitar tech played with it for a few and it just sounds soooo sweet I cant wait to get hopme tonight and try it. Hopefully I wont wake my neighbors  LOL  :hello2:



here it is finally, I cant promise more pics! i'm still playing it.  :headbang1:


with the Steinberger Gearless close up

Joems, I was an early critic of the Flames on that beautifull wood, I am here to admit I was wrong, you saw something I didn't and it looks awesome. the neck really compliments the entire package.

I am really intriged by those tunners, do they work well? easy to string up? do you like em?
So far the tuners holding up really well. I'ts too early to tell if they're good or bad. It's still on the "break in" period  :toothy11:
although I would like to put a string tree on the E and B strings to relieve the tension of the tuners, but the guy who set up the tuners said it might change intonation and all  ??? and he has to turn little harder than normal when putting the E and B strings cause they slip. anyways, so far I'm happy with the sound.

The Tuners slip??????  please explain that, because I had considered these in the past, but if they slip it would be nice to know before forking out 130 bucks....... ????????

The Guitar looks really, really Cool, I didn't really dig the flame thing at first sight but seeing the whole package together, Im Impressed, very nice.... :icon_thumright:
just twist the knob a lil bit tighter than you would on the rest of the strings to hold it more securely. My guess is that it slipped when he (the guitar tech) put the strings on there's no string tee's...well maybe...

so I might put the string tree soon.

Don't put a string tree on unless the strings are jumping out of the nut.

With the nut you have, your guitar will stay in tune easier without any more friction between your nut and tuners

Yeah thats the whole Idea behind the Stienbergers, the strings sit nice and tight against the neck so the angle is plenty for tone without string trees, supposedly just nice straight string pull, I think they look cool as well, though alot of people don't because their different than traditional.
2 more things, then I think I'm done.
Qoute from you: 
I would like to put a string tree on the E and B strings to relieve the tension of the tuners, but the guy who set up the tuners said it might change intonation and all 

Installing string trees will not change intonation, For your setup guy to say that means 1 of 2 things, 1) he really thinks that way, which is bad or
2) he's setting you up for a later re intonation charge

My question is this , on those tuners, is there a knob, front or back, that clamps the strings, and the other knob on the opposite side tunes it?

And Beast is right, these might be the latest greatest state of the art peer into the future tuners, but some guys are still gonna want the old traditional stuff.
Hell the classical guitar players cant get beyond wooden dowels.

Hey Beast, why dont you get a set of those tuners and report back, in the way only SuperBeast can do, you are the man,
Your too funny Alfang.....Yep, often ignored and never duplicated...hahahahahaha...........I may just do that, I had bounced these around for a while but had heard conflicting reports about how great they were, personally they shouldn't sell for more than 90bucks tops, being that the parts are not the best Quality, but they do work and their tuning ratio is apparently super smooth, though they use plastic inserts and seem a bit on the "cheap material" side, I question their durability.....though the design and concept, and even the look are way cool too me, It would be cool to see a Heavy duty Brass set........ :icon_thumright: :icon_thumright:........that would get my attention right quick like....later ....

Someone also mentioned how they squeeze the neck wood like a sandwich, wether thats true or not I don't know, but that person was saying how this affected tone ??????  .......all pretty silly trivial BS really, but you know how it goes ya gotta bring up all the controversy if ya wanna have a good GEAR conversation...hahahaahahaaha............

Regardless joems your Guitar Kicks Ass, and looks Hella Bad!!!!
nah I dont think he wants the charge anyways here's some more pics, I changed the vol and tone knobs to black.

Looks great!!
Can you describe the tone?
I can't decide between Walnut/Rosewood or Swamp Ash/Rosewood!
K i'll describe the tones as much as I can, since I only had a few experience with pick ups. Tone of the guitar lies on the mids and highs but not bad for the low end, I believe with a good combo of pedals or stomp box setting you can get a really good heavy distortion out of it. I could only compare the neck (pain killer) up to SD Full Shred but with more oopmh!! on the PK side, you can get a good warm tone for leads. As for the middle pick up (Dan Torres Rock) is somewhat in between them, I still have to fool around with tone knobs some more. Keep in mind I'm using a GT-8 and CArvin MTS Combo Amp using the clean channel of the combo amp only.