Unfinished guitar bodies


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I know some woods like Paduak don't require a finish but what about a wood like mahogany? I always thought a neck was finished because it would warp since there isn't a lot of wood there (thicknesswise). What would be the danger of having a guitar body unfinished?
with most woods, it'll scratch quite easily - not to mention that it will be a dirt and grime magnet. whether a body can god unfinished depends a lot on the specific wood you refer to

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I've said it before, but I once finished an alder (or poplar... who knows back then... it was whitish wood... coulda be poplar) in Kiwi Brown shoe polish.  And ya know what?  It did ok.
If I didn't already have too many projects I'd strip one of my test ash bodies and try the Kiwi....
Do you go completely Airborne on the Kiwi finish and use melted Johnson paste wax for a finish coat like you would your Corcoran's????