Ultimate 5 String P Bass!


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I purchased plain wood parts right after the big closedown in 2020, and I still got these parts in the time specified! The maple neck has a nice dark rosewood fretboard (no upcharge), reversed headstock, steel rods. The asymetric contour of the neck is nice and natural feeling, not extreme feeling like a lakland skyline! The poplar body had some delicious charcoal streaks down the center, which lead to black staining and sanding back to create the same dark streaks all over, followed by American walnut stain. Neck and body are also finished with exterior grade (salt spray resistant) polyurethane. I had to modify the pick up rout a little bit to fit a REAL 5 string P Bass Pickup! I used a pick guard for a 20 fret Fender to mark out the placement perfectly! Hopefully, Warmoth will include this pick up rout as an option, since they are Seymour Drunken distributors and this is a Drunken Seymour pickup! Included is the Drunken Seymour, so drunk he's BLACKEDOUT, 2 band pre amp which is quiet as a mouse! Hipshot kick ass bridge set to a full 18mm string spacing and ultralite tuners. Kluson small string retainers. I am extremely happy with how this bass turned out and want to share this with all of you. I don't think I could play anything else now!?!


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It appears to look really nice. But why put so much effort into building something so nice and then take such bad pictures?

Also, did you do the finish?
I did do all the finishing and assembly of this bass, except for soldering the wiring, I paid to have that done. The body finish is an experiment gone good! This bass was going to be flat black. I have a background in carpentry and Warmoth parts arrive so smooth, only a complete moron could screw up! Regretfully, I don't have any photography experience and better pictures wouldn't upload, so here it it in all it's daily, dusty glory! Thank You for your comment.