Tung Oil vs Shellac


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Hey guys,

I am hopefully about to pull the trigger on an unfinished Korina Strat. I've been reading up on DIY finishing esp the sticky CB posted a while back. The lenght of time it would take me to finish a Korina Body with TUNG OIL is scaring me slightly.

So by chance I came across this post in Harmony Central - don't ask me how I got there as I usually don't surf around those parts...


Could one grain fill a Korina body (I think I know what I'm doing here) and then use flake Shellac to finish it whithout having to shoot a coat of anything else on top. I am looking for house friendly finishing techniques as a) its too bloody cold outside b) i don't want to deal with any fumes.

Thanks, Ted  :icon_thumright: 


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You can use shellac it just won't hold up as well as Lacquer or other synthetic finishes... but it will be really easy to repair.


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Tung oil - worth the work.

Shellac - the key with shellac is to put it on in many thin coats.  Shellac can be "cut" with denatured alcohol.  When its dry - it will feel nice, but not be beer resistant <gg>.  Alcohol will dissolve it again real fast.

Both are easy to fix - perhaps tung oil easier as you just wipe more on.  Shellac.. some (easy) blending is needed.

Some fine mandolins use a shellac finish, but just know it doesn't wear all that well.