Tuner hole question


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I'm wondering if Warmoth will rout for these Wilkinson tuners http://yhst-50206111187217.stores.yahoo.net/wiklstgotusi.html
If yes, what information they will need? The 5/16" holes is enough?
More Chinese Wilkinson branded junk... Std. Kluson drilling is 11/32ths, OR 1/32 LARGER than those, accidently ordered a set of these a long time ago, they won't fit tight. While Warmoth will ream the std. holes LARGER to fit other tuners, making a hole SMALLER is a losing proposition

The Gotoh Klusons in gold are $10 bucks more from Warmoth, save yourself some aggravation and get those.
I'm bulding a Thinline Tele with a Vintage modern construction neck-graphite nut. The bridge will be the Gotoh standard tele. What do you suggest about tuners? Gotoh Kluson or Gotoh SG38? I have no experience with either of them.
I've used both and I like SG38s better. They feel smoother and they're less hassle to fit.
I've used all the tuners that Warmoth sells + more... When doing something like a Thinline, I use the Gotoh Klusons if I want to keep that vibe, otherwise I REALLY like the Planet Waves auto-trim locking tuners. The P38 are great, but the PWs make re-stringing go a lot quicker, which to me over the life of an axe is worth the extra $$$
I consider bent-sheet-metal Kluson tuners to be a substandard, antiquated design. When Gibson puts bent-sheet-metal tuners on a $5000 custom shop guitar, for the sole reason that SCHALLERS HADN'T BEEN INVENTED YET IN 1957 (and we all "know" that vintage must be better), I am forced to question the notion that evolution is a forward-acting force. :icon_scratch:
Gotoh, Grovers, Schallers, Pings, Planet Waves, Sperzels, they're all better than Klusons. :hello2: