tune-o-matics and strats.


One of my friends told me that TOMs shouldnt/or cant be used on strats. Is that true? Is it bad for the guitar or something?


On a different note, im curious on what gibson does with their TOMs?
Gibson neck radius's are usually 10 or 11, The TOM radius is 12?
do they have special TOMs or something or do tey jsut mix the two radius's and deal with the different string height?
As far as I know you could use one on a strat but it would look ugly in my opinion. Maybe that's what they meant. Here's a reference picture:

It doesn't look that bad, I'd prefer a string through with the TOM, I like the bigsby look also,, In fact, anything that strays from the norm can be apealing, you guys stuck in a rut or what?
It's them bass players that are the adventurous ones!

I like some weird combinations of parts but the TOM on a strat looks weird to me. I can deal with a Floyd on an LP though. :toothy12:
Yes, Tune-O-Matic bridge can work just fine on Strats, we just need to angle the neck pocket to allow the strings to lay over the fretboard properly.

Another option to consider is our new recessed Tune-O-Matic option which allows you to use this bridge, without having to angle the heel pocket.  Also this bridge option features three different patterns of string through holes to choose from, very cool.
The reason the picture looks weird is that you used a top route body; lose the pickguard and go rear route and the TOM bridge stops looking so weird...

I'm toying with doing a Strat or Tele "Special"; mahogany body & neck with rosewood fretboard and vintage P-90s/Giibson tyoe hardware to do the old LPS in a Fender form factor...
ah i see, ill get  a recessed one with back route, and since it has a 12 radius should the neck also be twelve or what? cause gibson necks arent but they use TOMs
I think it looks bad, but may be ok on a backrouted strat.

This reminds me of something that has been bothering for a long time:
when i was planning my VIP, I originally wanted a TOM on it (I ended up with a Wraparound)
For some reason something was bothering me about this.. it looked to me that the distance between the bridge and tailpiece is larger than on a 'real' LP. I compared all the examples of the TOM's in the warmoth Gallery with Gibsons and was convinced that something was off. I even asked the Salesguy at the time who said it was not the case. So I decided to go for the Gotoh, but I am still sure something is not right..
Anybody else noticed this? could it have something to do with Scale differences?
compare the warmoth and the lp: not only does it look different, you can also see that on the Warmoth, the Tail is below the volume knob, while on the LP it sits slightly above the volume knob.
I actually don't think that it looks bad, it was just bothering me at the time.. you know how those things can drive you crazy when you are planning a project?  :)  :laughing7:


That ugly strat would look better if it were a HSS config with a T-O-M bridge.