Triple Neck Strat Body ???


How is everyone?  This is my first post. My question is weather or not Warmoth will custom design a Strat Triple Neck Body  for me ?  Thanks.  Chris...... :guitarplayer2:
That depends on why you need a triple necked guitar? :icon_scratch:

Also, you may have to slip Gregg some cash in a brown paper bag at the Bahnhof at midnight....
Hey Jack,  why would it depend on why he wants one? LOL      I wanna hear the reasons they will do one vs. the reasons they wont. if he wants to play in small clubs they will, but if he wants to just have one at home they wont? ( I understand the jist of your statement, It just struck me funny)

I think  if you got the tools, you could hack up a couple bodies ad join them yourself  like buy a double and a single, cut, plane  biscuts and dowels and glue, sand it down done.

I think Warmoth will do it, they are in the business of making money, and for a price they will build you anything- I hope
Well, if it was due to some sort of Rick Nielsen fixation, I was going to suggest he spend the money on therapy/medication instead.
Well ,    I have allways wanted a double neck 6-12.  I love to loop sound scapes and solo over them. It has been about 3 years since I have been active in bands. My job kinda keeps me from that as I travel all the time now. Good bucks just no time to be in a band. I do regret it. When I was young I could not afford anything but a low cost axe. Now that I finaly have some cash Im old "48". However  , my heart is still in it and I love to expeirment with sound scapes in my studio. I think it was when I saw Steve Vai in Denver  G-3 , DVD  ,  and then live in Dallas I started to think of how much fun it would be to use a triple neck for looping and sound scapeing.  I have a Roland 2480 and love to record. I currently own two Fender Stratocasters and love them .  Anyway , Im just toying  with  this. And trust me. I would be sitting while playing. Also,  I have no strange Rick Neilson fetesh. Just thought it would be cool. Chris........P.S.  I spoke to Steve Vai about his after the show and he loves his. Of course his is worth much more than I would ever spend on one.
Well, check the custom body page:

You would need to send in a full sized drawing, and the wait/lead time would probably be considerable, and you still have to meet Gregg with cash in a brown paper bag at the Bahnhof at midnight.

Warmoth has a doubleneck in options of Strat/Tele body styles but due to size these just come in Swamp Ash or Alder.
What would the triple neck be?

standard 6 and 12 like you mentioned, I'm assuming, and then.. fretless? (I think that's what Vai's is, right?)
I think it would be 12 top 6 mid and fretless 6 lower. I know it sounds kinda wacky but it sure would be kick ass.  Vai's setup on the Ibenez. The electronics would be another thing all together. Im in aviation so I would do all of that stuff in the Avionics shop.  Do you think that they would do it?  Chris...
Bahnhof at Midnight !  Is  Gregg  a code name for a super hot blond ?  I will be there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he has a custom-made triple-neck guitar that has the same basic features as his JEM7V guitars. The top neck is a 12-string guitar, the middle is a 6-string, and the bottom is a 6-string fretless guitar with a Fernandes Sustainer pickup. This guitar was featured on the G3 2003 tour on the piece I Know You're Here.

Gregg  - We've got another live one, get out the Tina Turner wig and the electric-cooled pony harness!
Chris I'm glad to see that there is still a few that are willing to step outside the box, instead of building guitars that still look like the mass produced guitars on the open market.  :sign13: My only suggestion would be instead of using the strat design is to go ahead and design your own body.  :cool01: Good luck with your project.  :headbang1:
Thanks for the support SITS,  I do like the basic contour of the strat style. It sure does not need to be a perfect match though. As a youngster "14-19" years of age I was heavy into Fripp and Hackett and Howe and Fred Frith.  Now a "daze " ,  Im into more Music for Music sake kinda stuff. I love the band Ostrich Tentical and other Deep  XM stuff.  I do still love Blues and Jazz though.    Peace bro..........  Chris. 
ahhh good times - i use to own a 2000? namm model bc rich bitch triple neck that was a beast to play - completely loaded with emgs and a floyd - i ended up selling it to a local music store for $250 to pay my rent - ARGH! i have a book full of what i like to call my stupidity stories - man i wish i hadn't done that! neddi