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Hey guys.

I'm a little shaken up right now, I was at work today and I work in a Steel Warehouse.  My job for the last month or so is bending rebar into radius beams for making Grain Elevators with.  My partner at work just left his job and we had another guy on the job today that was not quite with it.  He was suspended for 2 days to get his stuff together because lately hes been on drugs and sleeping at work.  Well he came back and got partnered up with me today to finish this work order we were doing.

Something went wrong and he reacted a little too fast trying to fix it and ended up sending both his hands through the radius machine with the rebar.  all of his fingers have pieces missing.

I got sent home early after sharing all the forensic info in my head that I could so that I can rest up.

This is ugly guys.

We're all DIY'ers here and we all work with power tools.  Theres nothing quite as heavy duty as a rebar radius machine involved in building guitars. but you can still cut your fingers off with a band saw or table saw.  even a Dremel could be dangerous.

So guys when you're working, keep all the guards on, be alert,  And if something disastrous happens to your project and you think you have a split second to save it.  Remember that your dream guitar can be started over, but you can't grow back the fingers you need to play it.

Just looking out for you guys,  Thought every once in awhile it would be good to remind everyone.

You Warmoth boys keep your digits safe when you're at work!!
even if your wifes table top is the prize Gregg  :doh:

cheers guys! be safe
Volitions thanks for the words of caution , you are so right, when things go wrong they go wrong fast.  I've spent 20 Years in construction ( Electrician) I've seen it all and it's a bummer.  Thankfully, the trades are a lot more safety concious now than ever, and it's been a long way getting there.

Unfortunately, you can now caution people in the future with a voice of experience.  Be safe,
I believe the number one injury is cuts and abrasions to the hands

many more hand injuries per eye injury, like 100 times more.

It's like pyramid, cuts,  bruises , strains and sprains at the bottom  (most)
                        dislocated joints, eyes, fractures (next frequent)
                        lost limb, paralasis, disable
                        Death (least frequent, top of pyramid)

I've had so much training in saftey, And I know for a fact that we have cuts on hands, more than anything. My company outlawed knives and razor blades because of it.
Even something as seemingly benign as a belt sander can rip you apart if your mind wanders. I speak from experience.

A big +1 on eye protection, you only have to be wrong once to regret it forever.
I was picking up pieces of his fingers to give to the paramedics.  Seriously not fun.

I need my fingers or I can't play guitar.  Can anyone in this forum think of a better definition of hell?

I hate those safety videos that show really gory injuries, but I've always known they have the point of freaking you out enough to listen to and follow the safety rules.
Where I work there are 5 overhead cranes in the building and its only 500 feet long.  Lots of potential for injury and no less potential of death.  But its perfectly safe if you follow the safety rules.

I just wanted to post to make sure everyone took a sec and thought about it.
Phrygian said:
Hey, at least you guys can say that you live in states where people know how to vote! :)

They might know how, but it doesn't mean that they do!  There are countries that just got the right to vote and you see people walking twenty miles and standing in incredibly long lines, all with a smile on their face, because they just can't believe they get to be a part of something like that.  We are lucky if we get a 50% turn out.

Anyway,  I installed heating and air conditioning systems for years, for a nice nerve racking situation, try soldering copper piping laying on your back in a crawlspace under a sixty year old house, inches away from the gas line leading to the furnace!  THey may have better building codes now, but it doesn't do you much good in those older, I'm sorry "historic", houses.  I encountered many reasons for paying close attention to safety doing that job, the biggest of which was always other people.  You can be as careful as possible and have it all go to sh%t with one careless action from someone you are forced to work with. 
I'm pretty sure there's a lecture on substance abuse in here somewhere (or at least, on your timing of substance abuse....) I worked in restaurants for a few decades, and midnight Friday nights after a few cases of "cooking" wine went down the collective hatch could be some scary times (not that I was scared, not personally :tard:)
Sir Schmoopie said:
Volitions Advocate said:
Can anyone in this forum think of a better definition of hell?

new jersey

even better, Loomis Michigan, its a couple miles away from my home (and current) town Clare. 
any way, its a city that is about half a city block big, for buildings and businesses it has a party store, a bar (no gas station any more) and one house.  i have a friend from Loomis and whenever some one ask where you from, he says Loomis, and they ask what part? and he dies a little on the inside.
guitlouie said:
They might know how, but it doesn't mean that they do! 

hey, im 16 i turn 18 November 5th of 08, and depending on when voting day is, i might no get to vote.  so that means i'd get to wait until im 22.
no you may be thinking, "why does he care?" i care because i don't want another president who rode the short bus to his high school graduation.
duh whats the constitution, whats the red button do?  :laughing7:
You can be 17 and join the millitary and die for your country, but you gotta be 18 to vote and 21 to drink. I would have to call that some real BS.

Hey Schmoop, I'm glad you care.  Everyone should.  But you don't have to wait until you are 22 if you miss 2008.  There are other elections besides the Presidential ones.  Any time someone can make laws governing my life and what I do with it, you can be sure I want to at least have a say in who that person should be.  Wow, there is nothing about tool safety in this post....Hey! Wear those safety goggles!
in two months i could go to war, serve two years, loose a leg and, come back with mental trauma, go to the bar, say, i've been through some rough shit, i need a drink.  are you 21? no but im a vet. sorry sir, im gunna have to ask you to limp on out of here.

any way. my shop teacher told us some morbid stuff. one kid was using the table saw, he was cutting a board to width, and the scrap flew back, went through his palm, all the way through his forearm, and stuck out of his elbow. and it was just long enough so that you could see it sticking out of his palm and his elbow. 

Don't put your hand near the blade!  which reminds me, i almost got harpooned while walking past the saw.
i don't want to wreck my hands, i don't care if im in an iron lung, as long as i can play, and hold a remote, and use a computer.