tone difference between 250K and 500K


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What tonal difference would there be if i had a 250k tone pot as opposed to a 500k?  thanks
in general the 500k will have a subtle amount of extra brightness when you are completely bypassing the cap (i.e. tone pot fully open and no signal open to cap filtering)

for bass - it is nothing that will be noticable in the big picture of a live gig or recorded session.

you may hear it when you play by yourself, but it will quickly be lost when the guitarist cranks their amp to 11 and totally obliterates everything from the low mids on up. any remaining high end will be nuked by the drummer's cymbals  :icon_jokercolor:

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250K Pots will make your pups sound warmer
500K Pots will make your pups sound brighter
When playing at full volume I notice a very discenable difference ... but that's just me.

You have to experiement with various combinations of wood, hollow vs. solid body, scale length, string gauge etc. to see which you like.  You also have to factor in your amp and speakers.  For instance, for a single coil guitar like a tele, there's a reason why most people use 250K pots, but if it's a semi-solid body you might want to try a 500K pot to get over the extra creaminess of the resonant body.  Really is personal taste.

If your trying to decide what to use, I'd say start with whatever is traditional as your base, and work off of that.
Unlike fretboard choice - pot choice does in fact make a pretty sizable difference in tone