tone caps - what's the difference?


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What's the difference between the .047 and .022 ?

I had no idea about it and when I made my order I ask the rep to give me whatever would work. He said "If you are using conventional humbuckers, the .047 caps are correct."

Now I'm seeing that Les Pauls use .022 type... so what will be difference if I use the .047 type on a LP type guitar?  I'm just curious. I hardly ever use the tones anyway. Though I am thinking of doing a series/parallel wiring with the tones as push/pull switches. So maybe I'll use the tones on the single coil kind of sound. I don't know. Like I said I'd just like to know what the difference is/will be.
The larger the cap, the more highs roll off. The .047 cap, when the tone control is at 0, will sound darker and more muffled.
So is there more of a range with a larger cap? That's what it would seem like.

Thanks for the answer.

The larger value starts to cut at lower frequency - which can sound muddy.  Smaller caps, cutting at only very high frequencies, only take the "bright" off, which can sound a bit anemic.  The trick is to find one, in combination with the potentiometer you're using, that is acceptably adequate, since almost none are perfect - depends on pickup, wood, neck size, etc etc, how you play even.   

For a lot of folk .022 seems to be the least evil medicine.
GoDrex said:
So why is a guy from Warmoth telling me to get .047 ones?

Probably because that's what he uses... Caps are so cheap as to be practically free. Buy more than one value, try them and stick with what sounds better to you.

I just noticed that in this diagram it's showing .047 type... hmmmm. That's the kind of scheme I want to do...
Capacitors are like tubes, everyone will hear something different. Experiment, and choose what YOU like. As stated above, they're cheap as dirt, and if you can't solder...

learn how.