Tobacco Sunburst Strat and Wenge Neck

thumb55 said:
here it is....




so what do you think?
I think you had your image tags a bit messed up  :laughing7:

And now that I see them...  :eek: Wow! Those are nice!
thanks Max.

Thats a Mahogany Body (ended up being a 2 piece) with a Flame maple top.

The Neck is wenge with a ebony board.  Standard profile 6150 frets and a LSR prep.

It's getting all black hardware and a set of EMG's (81/85)
Thats gonna be nice.I cant wait to see some progress and finished product.Have you heard about the EMG X`s?
Send it back!  They forgot the face dots!  :redflag:

Cool neck, awesome body.  What's the back contour?
the neck's a standard thin and I'm planing on leaving it dry.  I love the no dot look and I hope you guy's do too.  The fretboard has a couple of freckles in it but thats cool with me.  It's an ebony board but not a jet black ebony board.  I can't wait to hear what it sounds like.