TO RWRP or not to RWRP


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I'm in the process of designing a guitar with an HSH pickup configuration and plan on going all out with the pickup combos; splitting the neck PU single-parallel-single and the bridge PU single-parallel-series, with a master 5 way strat switch, not to mention an on-off for the bridge so that it can be engaged at any time.

So my question boils down to, for the middle single coil, what are you thoughts on using a regular wound pickup vs the standard strat reverse wound reverse polarity.  Since I'll be splitting both humbuckers it really doesn't matter, since I can just wire it, or in the case of the neck pickup, engage it to get that standard 2 & 4 strat position type combo. It's just a matter of setting it up for the inner vs outter coils.

So... knowing that.... which would you go for?  The standard or the RWRP?