Tips for Maple Neck / Maple Fret Board and Tru-Oil: Coats and Fretwire?


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In 2006 I made a warmoth project using Tru-oil.  The fret board was pau ferro, and was unfinished.  This time around, the neck I intend to use will be Maple Neck / Maple fretboard.  I was wondering if anyone here had an tips for for tru-oil and maple fretboards.  In particular, how many coats and how to deal with the oil on the fretwire.

Thanks for any tips :help:
Checked here and found that I just put the tru-oil on the fretboard, wipe off, and if any sticks to the wire, play and it'll rub off, or use very fine steel wool to rub off the wire crowns.
If you know any differently, let me know.
Thanks :headbang:
As for number of coats, I found that 12 worked pretty good for my maple / pau ferro neck.  So I guess I'll shoot for the same. :guitaristgif:
just stop whenever it looks and feels good! I have done one with 15, and another necks with only 4 or so..
and yes, just do a lot of bends to get it off.