TigerEye Tele Rosewood Neck


Hello.  Nice forum.

Just wanted to drop in and show off my Warmoth Tele.  The finish is called Tiger Eye.  It has an unfinished rosewood neck, Kinman pickups, Sperzel keys and a small ABN string-thru hardtail.  I left all the electronics very minimal so the flame maple can get all the attention.



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A beauty. Tell me about that bridge, I'm not familiar with it.
I took a long time deciding on the bridge.  I knew I wanted a very small, modern string-thru bridge.  I definitely didn't want anything with a "plate", certainly not an ashtray.  This is because I knew I wanted to mount the pickups to the wood and because I wanted to cover as little of the wood as possible.  Plus I rest my hand on the bridge and anything vintage-style tends to be both uncomfortable and ugly -- that's why they used to cover it.  The current Strat stop-tail is OK and HipShot also makes a nice one but this is the one I finally decided on:
ABM is a German company that's best known for their bass bridges and tailpieces.  http://www.abmmueller.de/index2.html
Notice there's no "back" or "sides" to the bridge, it's just a plate and the saddles.  VERY nicely made, super comfortable and man it's got the look I was going for.