This neck reeks of speed and tone.

Bill in SC

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Sure wish I could justify it. I imagine it is pretty heavy, but dayum, it is BEAUTIFUL!!,6,8,9,20,21,22,23,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,33,34,35,41,42,51,53,54,55,59&nutWidth_filter=2

BB in SC
There's an all Indian Rosewood Strat body in the showcase that that neck could go perfectly least in my opinion.

Full of Articulation!

Reeks of speed and tone!

You guys are really cute - I was under the impression that the guitar, and it's neck, just sit there doing nothing until somebody picks it, somebody who may or may not be reekingly articulate, speedy & toney. But I guess the neck alone can do it. That must be why millionaire's kids are always the best musicians, because you just have to buy the best toys.  :party07:

I'd love to try it, but it might be really bright & require a lot of fiddling with capacitor values to bring it into the agreed-upon ranges for "good" tone? The maple guitar bodies from the 80's never caught on too well because most of the available pickups were still matched to alder, ash & mahogany requirements, though when the electronics were specifically matched to the body like Bill Lawrence did when he designed the Gibson L6S, maple worked great. I've never heard anybody raving about the tone from Fender's all-rosewood guitars, not the way they do about the rosewood-necked PRS's. At very least, it's a scary-looking neck. :guitaristgif:
Well, leaving out all the variables such as who is doing the plucking of the strings, let me rephrase. Having NEVER played an all ebony neck, I am just assuming that it being very dense, would equate to a similar tone to maple, pau ferro, or any other dense smooth grained wood. (when played)  As for the speed of it, well from the pics, it just looks as slick as snot on a doorknob from here. I would mount this on a '72 hollow thinline tele made out of swamp ash. I would take a white transparent stain, apply it to the body and wipe it off to give it a whitewashed effect. Go with all black hardware for a super contrast. White guitar, black hardware, and black neck. Yin Yang. Freakin' awesome!
BB in SC