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This is Tim.  Tim is the first husband of my really good friend Suzz.  She's a sister to me.  Suzz is on husband #3 (my friend John) and he is Mr Right.  But, Suzz and Tim have some biology to rear, and well.. its a small town, and Suzz and Tim are still best of friends (whats not to like on either of em!).  Well, ol' Tim sat out in the cold when my plane was 5 hours late, coming in for BB King last year.  So, with no electric of his own (he has an amp, no guitar), I gave him the Toiletcaster - in a Fender box!~

Tim plays a Harmony, who's action was about 3/4 inch over fret 12, until I lowered the bridge for him.  Basic setup, it'll go lower now, but its very playable as is.  Tim was amazed.  Then he got the Toiletcaster.  Now he's REALLY amazed.....


He ran home (two short blocks) and came back with his amp to Suzz's house.  And tried it on.  It FITS!~


Now the amazing part is his 18yo daughter Paige can play the thing as well - I never knew she was a picker.  I've only been over there a few times recently, but wooo she can pluck the Toiletcaster with the best of em.

Giving - is certainly better than getting! 

Amen to that, now pass the Drambuie!~ (to all who want some)
I'm with you CB!  There is nothing more fun than giving away a really great guitar to someone that will love it. 
Nicely done. It's a really great thing, the gift of guitar.

I'm still working out the details of the P90 les paul I've got in the works for my dad, but I can't wait to see his face when he first straps it on.
you guys think that's cool, CB gave me this for Christmas 2006:


CB is quite the BRO!

I need more friends like you -CB-!!!!  Make that I need A friend like you!
Bill in SC said:
What qualifications do you have to have to get on CB's list!!??   :)
BB in SC

You gotta be carefull Bill, I am on CB's list too, but he has several lists.  I'm on the Sh%$ list, trying to get on the other list.
FYI, I'm actively trying to add to the "Gals with GREAT TITS who buy Drambuie" list.  :icon_thumright:

I guess after a while ya just know ... ya cant take it with ya, so its no big deal.