Thinline with nice grain


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An oldie, but goodie, that now belongs to my brother-of-the-blues Vic.


That is mahogany with walnut, 52ri bridge and 57Classic pups, and some defective grained maple neck (look at all the blemishes.  For shame!!!).
Hello everyone.... a very nice forum you have here!
Warmoth is a GREAT place to do biz with.....they aim to please.

CB is the only one I trust with my gear. His insights are incredible and his
workmanship is top notch! He not only makes GREAT guitars but his set up
on guitars is the best I've ever played anywhere.

His amps are works of art too! I own 3 of them and got my eye on one more
(Brown Princeton). He NAILED the tone that I've been hearing in my head
for the last 35 years with the Bassman '56 he built for me. I mean SMOKIN'!


I now own the above Warmoth Tele that CB built. When I saw it, I HAD TO HAVE IT!
Luckily, and after some begging, CB gave in to my unrelentless badgering. Let me say,
this is the NICEST guitar I've ever played anywhere..........

As clearly can be seen... a quite defective neck.  I'm ashamed that I got suckered into it by those hooligans at Warmoth.  Not a straight grain on it... look at how wavy it is, all those zits in the nice clear maple.  I'm lucky Vic didn't see that until after he got the guitar.
That’s an amazing looking instrument. How did you get that amazing colour on the mahogany back? Does the colour just come from the Filler you've used and then (I'm assuming) applying tung oil?
Hey CB, you build amps? or just modify?    And if your building them, do you sell them?  Or, where can I get a good schematic?

I got a friend who built a dumble clone, I haven't heard it, but those who have say it sounds great.  He's gonna get me a couple schematics of Dumbles.

Evidently theres not too many dumbels that were build the same.

I saw Larry Carlton and Robben Ford Last sunday, they both use Dumbels and they both sounded awesome, what an incredible show if any of you get a chance go see them, they are what pick'n and grin'n is all about.