Thinline Tele (completed)


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It's finally complete. This project has been a long time in the making. It's the first guitar I've ever had built and the first Tele I've ever owned.

I was inspired by the sound of my dad's Am Std. Tele that my dad got from a close friend of his. But I could just build his, so I went further ... a lot further!

The loadout:

Warmoth Thinline Ash Tele Custom (semi-hollow)
  Transparent blue with a natural mask binding
Warmoth 59 Roundback Maple Neck
  Satin Finish
  Graphtech Nut
  6105  frets (nickel)
Gotoh Vintage Tuners
Vintage Tele String Tree
Wilkinson vintage style Tele bridge
Bareknuckle Yardbird pickups (4 way modded)
4 way switch
Football style jackplate
Genuine Fender string ferrules
Schaller strap-locks
All nickel hardware!


I pretty much obsessed over ever single part and originally planned to do it myself, but after putting a certain amount of money into the parts I decided I would feel really bad if I scratched the finish, so I decided to take it to the best place I know of in St Louis - Goez Instrument Repair, and had them assemble it. I'm glad I did because they did a fantastic job, way better than I could have on my first try building anything.

It's spanky and sparkly in just the right ways. I couldn't be happier!


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Thanks! I'm really enjoying it. It sounds so perfect, actually better than I was hoping!