Thinline Tele & Bigsby B16

Interesting!  Live and learn. I'll have to post more often when I have no idea what I'm talking about, I learn lots that way. I am really curious on the picture on that last post; don't you have huge issues pulling the strings over that standard tele bridge?  I just assumed you had to have a rocker or roller bridge, something where the strings could slide freely back and forth on a Bigsby.
Nope, no problems at all - after all, brass is a kind of "slippery" metal; I guess I'll have to replace the saddles in a couple of years, though, because the strings will wear grooves into them.

What I also like about using this combination: the tone stays pretty much the same compared to a Bigsby-less Tele.

BTW, got the idea from here: - and there are a lot of people on the TDPRI using the same system.
-CB- said:
m4rk0 said:
ok, I have an ignorant question...
What is it that people like about bigsby trems?? is it the looks or the kind of vibrato it produces? Stability maybe? Better Divebombs ;)?

now my main experience with Bigsby trems is a cheap 70s japanese SG copy that I used to have (one of my first guitars), with their version/copy of a bigsby trem, and I hated it! now that may be because of the inferiour quality, so maybe I need to give them another chance (instead of avoiding them ;))

Bigsby's don't divebomb. 

Hence the Smiley..
however, If I am not mistaken, the first floyd rose ever was a modified Bigsby! :)
Wow, very cool! That's the only kind of Floyd Rose I'd like to have on any of my guitars...  :headbang:
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tfarny said:
RomanS, it's 8" exactly. 

That is not always true.  It totally depends on whose body.  They all vary a bit.

Ummm, we are talking about the Warmoth body tfarny just got (like he mentioned above) - since Warmoth uses CNC machines, they should all be pretty much the same, I think!?
Strictly speaking of W's body's, the measurement should stay the same, within maybe 1/64 inch or so.
8" is, I believe the closest I can come. It's definitely within a 1/16 at the very most. And since that's the best measure you've got, I guess you've gotta trust it. A man can never have too many bigsby-equipped telecasters, can he?
Yeah, I asked directly at Warmoth in the meantime, and JC told me it's 8", too - already put in an order for a Thinline Tele body (rosewood top on swamp ash), with an angled neck pocket (so I don't have to shim the neck), and a white pearl Thinline pickguard.