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Oh nabs. After many a try, including an almost-correct '68 SG (instead of the '63 or '64 Duane filched offa Betts)... 
- ?
- I can play slide like a howling mother. So said,
This shot was taken (clandestinely) at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. These are the guitars used on the "Live at the Fillmore" album.

I'd peg them as stand-ins even if it was bad lighting and a manic-depressive phone camera, that Les Paul is just WRONG. It's not even the same color! Never mind though, the point is at one point I was so interested in slide that I did have the SG, the 50-watt no-master Marshall head, couldn't find Duane's Altec/Lansing but I made do with JBL's ( a la Santana). I didn't expect to sound like Allman, but I do just like to frick with stuffs.

All is roundabout way to say that the very very best guitar I have ever owned for dedicated  open-E slide guitar is my current Schecter C-7+. Made in Korea in 1999 and 2000 only, on the same production line as the oft-admired "DeArmond" line of Guild offshoots the only greatly noticeable diffie twixt my DeArmond M70 and the George Harrison Gretch is the number of places in the price tag. Sam Ash was closing out the Starfires for $269 - so go triple it already then, Dinglebear. But to keep the Schecter ball a bouncing, some kind of South Seas "mahogany", BIGASS maple neck, BIG BIG LOUD LOUD ROWR and though nominally Superstrat-ish & 24-fretsied (mmm... slide...) the rest went right AT the Gibsonesque - cherry sunburst, midrange HB's & BIGASS frets... And as the world is of course perverser more every day, these were just one of those weird little runs of gits that were WAY the fluckybucky better than anybody was even like prepared for so they flared up, over and out in no time flat. Remember 1988-'89 Jap Strats and Teles? 1977 to 1981 Ibanez Artists & setneck Musicians? Har Har Har that god guy, what a card.


And I've seen several more of that fine, fine cherry sunburst around +THICK, real 1/4" to 3/4" carved maple, not cheezdoodle veneer maple; and there was a run of same maple set neck into Schecter's zippy Avenger/Revenger body styles, ONLY seen a few.

And now, starring on Fleabay is the ONLY friggin BLACK CHERRY one in the whole UNIVERSE and it may even go for the right price, $340ish.



Oh well, at least the fret ends aren't beautifully finished, the binding impeccably laid and the finish just exactly subtle enough. That would make me mad. I'd almost just order somebody rich to just buy the damn thing and I'll take it off 'em when the howling tornadoes start leaving my friggin' wallet alone but they way things are going the cats'r gonna be selling ME to the glue factory instead. I hate money. Especially all the other people's cause it ain't mine. But if anyone has ever entertained the notion of using a GOOD guitar to play slide on, as opposed to the usually poor cousin and it-don't-look-like-it-daddy-it look-like-Jethro-down-de-hollow-don'-it? approach to using your crappiest guitar for slide - which is asinine or even ten cause it's harder to make slide sound really, really good, not easier? Hell, they're only been about eight or ten people who ever even did it, most people think their own damn FARTS smell good fer christsake. But I may even keep a li'l out peep on the buyer, they're not likely to know what they got there. If you buy it I might even send you a slide or too, they even be breeding on me now, kitty caught'm hankypanky down in the fuzz, IFYWIM....


Wow. As I type this there are 10m 15s left. The reserve hasn't been met yet. Unfortunately the cats got all my fun money for this month... Think it'll be there again tomorrow? What to do...
Looks like that would be a good deal for someone who knew how to deal with 7 strings. Myself, I find 6 to be a constant source of consternation.
Cagey said:
Looks like that would be a good deal for someone who knew how to deal with 7 strings. Myself, I find 6 to be a constant source of consternation.
+1... :icon_thumright:
No matter. Didn't sell. Highest bid was $275, which didn't meet the reserve price.