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IT'S ALIVE!!!!!  *** insert evil laugh here ***  i've finally finished my strat and now i can't get enough of it.  here's the specs.

swamp ash body
rosewood neck w/ebony board and SS6105 frets
gotoh SG H.A.P.M. tuners
Gotoh/ Wilkinson VS400 trem
1 vol 1 tone
dimarzio fast track 1-neck
            Mo Joe-bridge
and bla bla bla....let's just get to the pics.hahaha

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looks great!
How would you describe the tone?
I always wondered about the Rosewood/Ash combination
actually i'd say it's pretty bright sounding.  that might have to do with the ebony board as well, but it's extremely articulate without being harsh.  i can do a full run across all six strings and hear every note....even starting at the 15th fret!!!  the neck pickup just sparkles-the only word i could think of- and it reacts so dramatically to the tone pot and the sustain is just ridiculous......

ironically i was really trying to make somewhat crappy sounding guitar but it still turned out as a tone demon.....damm you warmoth and your quality parts!!!!!  to hell i say!!!! hahaha