The Meaning Of Life..

Searching for the meaning of life to me is like someone sitting under a tree waiting for death.  You miss everything.  I'd rather burn through here soaking it all in and getting out of the universe what I put out into it.  The End.
Nicely put guitlouie.  But I sort of disagree... I mean, I've probably got 50-ish years left so I can afford to spend some time thinking philosophically.
Alfang said:
James, Very good read, schmoopie could write the same thing I'm sure,  Chuck your on target as well, very good.

And BTW, I love the off topic threads like these, it defines who you are sorta. and I wanna know who all you dumb bastards are. 

I mean that in a good way

dude, I didn't even read it, so i have no clue.    :dontknow:
Irony, yeah, it happens, i was lazy and didn't read it, when it was mostly about laziness.


life has the biggest mortality rate. life should be tried for murder.
what other cheesy slogans can i come up with?

any way, like what you said bout the "Golden Arched Wasteland". (quote from one of my favorite books)

yeah in i died inside when i read the part about loosing friends you swore would never leave your side, it pains me to look at that kid now a days.

pm me, k that sounded gay in my head, whatever.
Schmoop....  :dontknow: Seriously, In my search for the meaning of life... I've found... you're gaytarded... But we all love you anyway!

Thanks everyone for wasting like 10 minutes of your life to read and respond to this. :eek:ccasion14:
I would have gotten more existential on you, but the Ionesco literary allusion went over everyone's head....
JamesL said:
Schmoop....  :dontknow: Seriously, In my search for the meaning of life... I've found... you're gaytarded... But we all love you anyway!

Thanks everyone for wasting like 10 minutes of your life to read and respond to this. :eek:ccasion14:

thanks man. you really think that about me, you really think I'm a gaytard? I didn't know you cared so much.  but seriously, if you ever say you love me again, I'll have to cut you (wink).
Neil Stryker said:
At the edge of the universe there is a big wall guarded by a mean dog!!!       :laughing7:

The universe has no edge according to a widely accepted theory among astronomers. The universe, like life, has no end. Only beings are finite, and wondering why is futile, as is passing judgement on those who find answers in places which others disdain or ignore.
Searching for the acceptation of activity to me is like anyone sitting beneath a timberline cat-and-mouse for death. You absence everything. I'd rather bake through actuality assimilation it all in and accepting out of the cosmos what I put out into it

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chuck7 said:
Self introspection is tripe.  Decide who you want to be, and do your best to be that person.  Be accountable for your desisons and learn from your mistakes.  Simple.  Hard to execute maybe, but the plan is simple. 

You talked about how lazy we have become, that laziness is what leads people to pontificate and spend years defining the meaning of "life".  Guys living on the bare edges of existence, working their ass off for every scrap of food don't sit around thinking about what it all "means".  They know what it means.  It means waking up the next morning and providing for yourself/family/tribe/what ever. 

The whole "live life to the fullest and blaze your own path" thing is great, as long as you don't leave other people in your path suffering for your mistakes and cleaning up your mess.  Nothing pisses me off more than that sort of guy who around the age of 40 decides that he needs to "do it his way" and leaves a wife and a couple of small children in his wake of self fricking discovery. 

Whats life about?  Accountability.  Being able to look yourself in the mirror and know that you are a good person.  Knowing the people you have let depend on you, CAN depend on you.  Giving more than you take. 

That reminded me of this story from The Onion:
Chuck7 hit a few nails on the head.  I have regrets, and they're mostly connected to treating people poorly.  I don't see how I can live without regrets, given that I can't change the past.

Being content is a skill and a blessing.

Our society's culture of indulgence bothers me, although I engage in it plenty.  I often wonder how we're perceived by cultures where the people are starving en mass.

I think one problem is that we ask the wrong questions.  For instance, we shouldn't ask "What is the meaning of life?", but instead we should ask "How does one live a meaningful life?"  I think we've evolved to be much better at handling the second question.

Sages teach us that to be the person we want to be, we must simply be.  It means a life long journey of realizing what fears we carry with us which block our path.
Wow, James, sorry I'm late! HAHAHA.

Good post.
Seems to me the essence of that was based on moving past something. Changing and maturing is difficult and complex, BUT it can also be fun and exiting.

I try to remember my past accuratley, but it's hard...the way our mind works changes so frequently as time passes by.
Yeah, a lot of stuff was GREAT when I was a kid, even all the way to college. On the other hand, a lot of things were very, very hard too. I spent much of my young life confused...which in my case led to...unfortunate outcomes....which I regret deeply...continually...with no chance of forgivness or redemption.
On the flip flop, that same confusion led me to many great adventures!

The mind is a clear mirror. We must not live in, but live through. I have a great slogan for you but it's gonna be the name of my band's debut album! So I gotta keep it from you. I'll substitute something my trainer often yells at me, "Don't even THINK of how hard it is! KNOW how much better you can be!"
First of all, HOLY PARAGRAPHS BATMAN.  Ok, I'm over that now.  Sorta.

And yeah, I believe completely in living every day like it's a wonderful gift, because it is.  Loss is an effective reminder, but I would hope that I can appreciate my life without needing a kick in the giblets to remind me.  Lastly, it's great to be self aware and question everything.  The trick is realizing that the *only* thing you can really change is you, and that real revolution happens over time (i.e. revolutions fail, evolutions succeed).

When no one will listen and time won't wait
When you see yourself and see the one that you hate
When the night lasts forever and time stands still
When you see yourself and want to kill
When the world doesn't fit the head on your shoulders
When you punch the walls and feel the world's fist
The big ideas you have leave you feeling so small
I can see it in your eyes you can't deal with it all

What do you do when you want to get over?
What do you do when you want to get through?
What do you do when you just can't take it?
What do you do when you just can't fake it anymore?

Feel the pressure!
Feel it squeeze
The eyes in your head
The heart in your chest
Where's the answer?
Where's the release!
What do you do?

When the lies that they told and the price that you paid
Force you to see the mistake that you made
When they shake your hand and stab your back
When frustration paints your four walls black
When they pick you up and let you fall
When you find their something is nothing at all
When ends miss ends and the endlessness sends you down to the bottom of the drain in pain
When you're pushed to the edge and can't maintain

What do you do?
What do you do?
What do you do?
What do you do?

DEAL WITH IT. That's what you do.

"What do you do?" Rollins Band, End of Silence.
Carl Sagan once had a student ask, who pondered the size of the Universe and our minuscule and contributeless existence in it, "How is anything worthwhile?"  Sagan's reply, "Do something worthwhile."