The Meaning Of Life..


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Yea, I know I post a lot of useless crap in "Off Topic" But I posted this on my myspace blog, and thought I should share it with you guys too...

I mean, What exactly is life anyway? I'll tell you, Life.... Is Life, It's always going to suck at times, at others you're going to feel on top of the world and feel as if nothing in it can bring you down. But we all have our obstacles we have to overcome. Seeing the things I've seen, feeling the things I felt, and learning the things I've learned, I see the world so differently. Seeing the tornados on the highway, bodies on the street, the destruction happening. I've seen a lot in my short life... But I regret nothing and keep moving on, happy that I've seen the things I have, because I take something from everything that makes me a better person. I've made mistakes in my life, but who hasn't? Sure I admit I've made more than should be allowed, But I've learned my lessons from them. But in a way, I miss the past, When we were kids, when we knew nothing of lying, cheating stealing.... We didn't feel pain like we do now. Life was so simple. We went to school everyday, came home and went outside and played with our bestfriends, who we swore would never leave our sides, and you'd be friends for life.. No one was fricked up on drugs, you weren't worried about getting wasted with booze. No one thought of sex. In real, it was a perfect world that no one saw. Boy, it's funny how things change in a few short years. As I see myself getting older and learning more, I'm watching how fast my life is flying by me. I hate it. I'm wasting these years that I can't get back. I mean why follow the road that was laid out for us and be unhappy? I've seen it happen way too many times. No matter what happens in life, you should make your own decisions and pave a road that makes you happy. It's no one else's life, just yours, and you are the one who has to live it in ten or 20 years when your parents are dead and all of your "friends" are fricked up on some kinda drug. You can't let people make your decisions for you forever. Mankinds biggest fault is that we (under any circumstance) want to accept help. Now there's a difference between help and letting others do things for us. t some point you just have to help yourself, stop feeling sorry for yourself and saying things are never going to change and do something about. Go drink a gallon of Pepsi or something (that's what I do when thing don't go the way I want). Our elders put so much pressure on us to be a certain way. That we have to grow up, get married, become a doctor, have kids, and that we have to live a perfect life. But Life is just the opposite of that. Nothing is perfect... There's so much emphasis on teenagers to be skinny and beautiful.... On the outside. Nothing is ever mentioned about the person you should be on the inside. Because according to the tabloids, if you weigh 90 pounds and have plastic surgery, and look perfect on the outside like this picture of of someone else,  (that is photoshopped from parts of three or four different people) You will lead a perfect life. And (I know you shouldn't start a sentence with and but...) have you noticed there is a surgery for everything and it's cause now? For instance... There is liposuction, Which gets rid of your fat cells.. But then, There's gastric bypass surgery, Which fixes the cause of the problem of you eating six quarter pounder, and two "Super sized" orders of fries, and a KFC bucket of chicken sized drink from the most unhealthy place on earth. Last night I was there.. At the place of grease worship, and I saw an add for a BIGGER "Super size"... But does the fact that a 4-5 ounce burger and at least a half to a full ounce of grease in it stop us from eating there? No, and why? Because we're all in a hurry, In a hurry to get home and sit on the couch and do nothing but sit on our fat asses and watch television. If they eliminated drive through windows I can promise you 70% of the worlds Body fat percentage would go down. Know why? Well for one you would have to get out of your Sport Utility Vehicle and get the small amount of exercise it takes to walk 50 feet to the counter and order. Two more than half of the people who eat fast food would stop eating fast food because they're so mad at the removal of the "drive thru" window that they home and cook! And seriously? What kind of laziness is it that you can't put drive through, rather than "drive thru"? We have become so lazy we don't want to write three extra letters. The internet is a serious cause of laziness too. Instead of getting out the house and God forbid WALKING in the mall to shop, we spend hundreds online and pay 30 dollars on shipping. Why? We're paying for convenience, and yes before you say it. I know that sometimes bargins can be found online, and there are something that can more easily be found on the internet. There's so much here that we overlook. We shut people out because of their physical appearance, when those people could easily be our best friend for life. We feel the need to spend way more money than we should when we can get the same thing for a lot less without a name on it. When our lives seem the worst we soak in self pity instead of moving on to bigger and better things. I know it's hard... frick I know it's hard. But what seems so big at the time, we look back on it in five or even less years (after we finally get over it) and see, It really wasn't that big of a deal. We overanalyze everything. We have our ideas of how our lives "Should" be. But nothing is ever as it should be, and if it is... It doesn't stay that way for very long. Life, and who you are is just a big collaboration of who you want to be, who you want to become, and most importantly, All of the things you've learned. Every lesson you learn effects the decisions you will make. I've learned that even the decisions you make in the past will affect the decisions you will make in the future, and more importantly the outcome of those decisions. If I've learned anything from the life I've led, It's to enjoy everyday, every person you meet, every kiss you give/take, all of your family and friends, Because tomorrow they might not be around, neither may you. But I'm not saying life in fear. Because if you live in fear, then you never really lived at all. I'm just saying live life to the fullest while you can. Who knows what the future will hold? No one does, we just have our guesses. Just live it up while you can. I'm just still trying to figure out whether seeing the world through my eyes is a gift or a curse.

Now I just hope that someone somewhere gets something out of what I'm saying here.
Let me know it wasn't all in vain.

This world's an ugly place, but it's so beautiful to me.
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That was a lot to read, and it was Deeeeeep.

However, I agree entirely with pretty much every word you said.  :icon_thumright:

Ironically, I've just been sitting on the couch watching a TV show about food (Gordon Ramsay - awesome chef), and am debating wether to walk to the local MaccieD's for a burger.  I'm not really hungry, but I am bored.  My girlfriend is at work on a night shift, and my guitars are packed up cos' we are moving house next week.  I've got a day off tomorrow, and there's is a massive shopping mall with some good shops nearby, yet I've just ordered some Freddie and Albert King CDs from Amazon online, and will be getting them delivered to work next week.  Convenice?!? I could have picked them up from the shop tomorrow morning, but I wanted to be easy and do it from my chair, and then wait a week for them to arrive.

What the hell has happened to us.

End of deepness.

Be cool

Right......I'm off to MacDonalds


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Nice rant but I have to take issue with this part:

When we were kids, when we knew nothing of lying, cheating stealing. We didn't feel pain like we do now. Life was so simple. We went to school everyday, came home and went outside and played with our bestfriends

You must have had some sort of idyllic childhood and/or you were a perfect little boy. My 2 year old already knows how to lie. I remember being a kid and we lied, cheated and stole. Maybe you grew up on "Leave It To Beaver" or "Father Knows Best." hehehe ;)

Also I felt plenty of pain. Childhood wasn't all fun and happiness. I was pretty miserable in school a lot of the time. I hated being there. When I did poorly my dad would scream at me like a madman. I had friends turn against me, and others that wanted to kill me. I remember times I was humiliated and I would beg my mom to let me stay home from school. I had a lot of great times too - it's was mostly good. But I certainly can't look back on my childhood with rose colored glasses and skip over all of the times that sucked. In many ways my life as an adult is far better than it was when I was a kid.


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hey james, if you think im reading that whole thing, you'd be wrong, rather wait for the movie, probably wouldn't see it though.
thats the meaning of life, waiting for the movie to avoid reading the book, but then not seeing the movie, then promising to rent it when it comes out on dvd, but you loaned your friend the dvd player, (hes cheap) and he lost the remote, then when you finally get it back the video store is closed, so you say screw it and watch a rerun of cops instead. 


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You will have plenty of time when you are old and gray to think back and worry about the meaning of life.  Live it to the fullest while you are young and can.

Live by the golden rule (do onto others as you would have them do onto you), and everything else will fall in place with a little work and some luck...


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No don't wait till your old and grey to question the foundations of existence. You'll end up with a midlife crisis or something.

The meaning of life is a big and vague question that nobody can answer, you just need to know the meaning of YOUR life, why you came to this crazy planet and what your soul longs for most deeply.

Then have the courage not to compromise with the illusions and madness of the world. Blaze your own path, keep the god-flame in your heart, respect your brothers and sisters, and never settle for second best, or else that is what you'll get.


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Self introspection is tripe.  Decide who you want to be, and do your best to be that person.  Be accountable for your desisons and learn from your mistakes.  Simple.  Hard to execute maybe, but the plan is simple. 

You talked about how lazy we have become, that laziness is what leads people to pontificate and spend years defining the meaning of "life".  Guys living on the bare edges of existence, working their ass off for every scrap of food don't sit around thinking about what it all "means".  They know what it means.  It means waking up the next morning and providing for yourself/family/tribe/what ever. 

The whole "live life to the fullest and blaze your own path" thing is great, as long as you don't leave other people in your path suffering for your mistakes and cleaning up your mess.  Nothing pisses me off more than that sort of guy who around the age of 40 decides that he needs to "do it his way" and leaves a wife and a couple of small children in his wake of self fucking discovery. 

Whats life about?  Accountability.  Being able to look yourself in the mirror and know that you are a good person.  Knowing the people you have let depend on you, CAN depend on you.  Giving more than you take. 


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life is about enjoying yourself i say, i try to live without regrets and just go in for things that i see as enjoyable. another good thing to do is be positive and learn to laugh. (p.s. a good cry always helps relieve tension... just putting that out there)


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TroubledTreble said:


Don't forget your towel.

I don't know if any of you guys are UNIX coders... but the last statement in every Perl package needs to evaluate to something true.  Usually people just put "1", but I worked with a guy who always put "42".  :icon_thumright:


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James, Very good read, schmoopie could write the same thing I'm sure,  Chuck your on target as well, very good.

And BTW, I love the off topic threads like these, it defines who you are sorta. and I wanna know who all you dumb bastards are. 

I mean that in a good way