the evil twins


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hers two of my warmoth builds  the 3 tone is almost 20 years old
Those are awesome. I'm especially diggin the star inlays. First time I've got to see a good picture of them.
let me start by saying this is the only one ive ever had or seen in person .i diddnt know how they would look in person but these are 100% perfect no filler at all .i guess i should have expected it because every thing ive ever got from warmoth was perfect. their quality control is awsome.
I agree, thier Quality controll is amazing, few companies can boast about thier Rep like Warmoth could should it want to, whats a trip is they really don't.

Question, having played both guitars for sometime, which trem do you favor and like the most, the Wilky or the standard ?????

How bout which nut ??? the roller or standard????

Those are some very nice Strats, I love em!  :)
the wiky is really in a diffrent world as far as using the trem. they almost feel like there is no resistance on them but i wanted the classic look on the other one really just something different. the one with the wilky has a graftech nut its been on there for like 18 years works perfect. i dont do alot of heavy-heavy  trem playing on any of my guitars. the roller nut works equally as well .when i got the neck it was cut for it so thats what i put on it. and im verry happy with its perfomance. you know i used to be super anal about neck shapes, trems, nut width, fret sizes ect. but now im enjoying the suttle difs in all kinds of options.
Just curious, whats the radius on the first one????  The neck looks pretty flat and consistant all the way down...............dosn't look like its compound????????  is it ???? :icon_scratch:
man you really have an eye for this  it is a vintage modern a one piece slab of birdseye maple with compound radius but it dose look flat in pics now that you pointed it out. it must be the lighting on it or something. this was my first warmoth build like i said before i built it in 1989-90. i sold her once to a friend. {{bought a 5150 full stack and needed funds}} after about a year i bought it back. ill never do that agian. shes a little rusty in spots and has some small scars but in great cond for the age. it i love the 6230 frets . if  you havent tried these  all you feel is fret board i dig them  thanks kayle
Star Power! love the inlays on the second one, and also the placment of the single volume on the first strat! should keep it outa the way.  :icon_thumright:
StratDaddy!  Love 'em!

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Ya know those stars... they make me think back nearly 45 years to my childhood.  I mere lad, knee high to a married grasshopper, perhaps 5 years in age, and very impressionable.  I was at the county fair, the midway, where the carnies hang... and there was a "performer" there, and she was wearing stars (with tassels) and not much else..... I liked them stars!  The ones on the guitar are nice too!~