The body is here ..... muhahahaha update the 9th


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:headbang:  Clck on the picture for moer pics.

*Alder x-lite body 3.15 pounds
*factory painted Surf Green
*6-hole vintage trem (I ordered a Callaham Trem.)
*Robert Keeley Custom S-S-S Pickups

Should be fun. I think I am just going to use Planet Waves locking tuners and put the Warmoth log on the head.
Nice build.  How's she sound?

How did you acquire the Keeley pickups?  I didn't even know they made pickups...
OH Yeah he is going to release them soon. I tested a set for him.  :toothy10: He is still in testing. Let em know Mike Hanson told you about them, maybe he'll sell you an early release. I have the 34,35, and 36th pickup made, they are serial numbers. He said I am the 1st to own a set. Looks like they are going to be in the $100 range per pickup, and if u don't have his compressor yet, u need one OMG that thing is unreal :headbang1: