Testing pickups


Okay so I bought a set of pickups (Fender Fat 50's) off ebay for my first guitar project and they came today. However I can't really install the pickups to check them yet, Warmoth is still working on my order and most of the parts are coming from there. So does anybody know how I could check to make sure they will work properly without actually installing them. Since I bought them used I want to test them before leaving feedback for the seller ya know.

One thing is can do is use a multimeter and check the resistance against the Fat 50s specs; if they're in range you're probably OK.
If you have a spare jack, you could solder the wires to the jack, plug it into an amp then hold them close to a guitar if you have a spare one.
What troubledTreble said , But I think youl need to solder on a ground clip to one lead of the pickup, and connect that to the guitar ground, like a bridge part or a string,

But I'm not sure,,,,I'm just thinking that you cant just have any metal part waving in front of a pickup, it's gotta be grounded.
dbw that was my point, I understand that it will make noise, the ground will lesson the unwanted noise
True enough Alfang.  You can use some alligator clips to attach the pickup directly to a cable.  (No jack required!)  Then use another alligator clip to attach the ring of the cable to the bridge of the guitar, hold it close and let 'er rip.