Help! I need some input.
I am building a new Warmoth project.  I have on order an ash body, maple neck w/rosewood fretboard. i have not ordered any hardware yet.
What kind of PUP's?
I am leaning towards a traditional 3 brass bridge, an oil and foil capacitor, 250k pots, and an ashtray cover.
Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
Kinda thinking Broadcaster.
I'd suggest Seymour Duncan Vintage Broadcaster Lead (STL-1b) and Vintage Rhythm (STR-1).  For me, Duncans are just the way to go and I think that combination would give you a fairly faithful reproduction of that classic instrument.

I'm thinking of Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders (STL-3 and STR-3) or Rio Grande Muy Grande (MGTSB) for a Tele Custom (double bound) that I want to build.  I want to see the pole pieces on both pickups!!!
This bridge lets your hands rest on it, feels great. You will not be able to mute the strings with the ashtray cover.
Broadcaster set: