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I thought I would post some pics of my 1st Warmoth build.  This was done may moons ago when there was no 

It is a solid i piece soft maple body.  The neck is maple/rosewood with jumbo frets and boat contour.  The pickups are duncan, however I cannot remember the types.  THIS BABY IS BRIGHT!  The humbucker allows for some rock playing but it sounds best when tapped for single coil.  I use to for clean playing and jamming to some classic floyd! 

I am having issues posting pics but I will try again...
it says my uplead folder is full...I have never uploaded any pics??? :sad1:
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Hope this helps. I love maple bodied guitars.


Merry Christmas :p
bpmorton777 said:
looks nice! what did you use to finish it?


Believe it or not, MinWax wood stain and semi-gloss poly!!!  I used the poly to seal the next too.  10+ years later the finish is perfect and the neck is straight as an arrow.  The best thing is if I get a nick or is very easily fixed!  Body is real smooth!