Tele neck pup question


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I've never been a tele guy, but after seeing all the sweet tele builds on this board, I'm toying with the idea of making my kind of tele. 

Here is my question:  for the neck pup, is there enough wood between the depth of the route and the back of the guitar to screw the pup directly to the wood, with springs under the pup for height adjustment? 

Also, does the neck pup slot take a standard strat-sized single coil pup?

Yes.  You can get a pickguard with the holes for mounting or not.  I have done mine to the wood and it works fine.

A strat pickup won't fit in the tele neck pickup route, but Warmoth will route it that way for you if you want them too.  Our even put humbucker in the neck like a tele custom.
or a p-90 or "emg" style for many aftermarket singll coils that don't have that extra wing at the bottom.

Sorry i figured my question was good enough for this thread so im not going to start a new one.

Im looking at getting a replacement body for my tele.

but none of the bodies on the showcase are routed for exactly what I need.
take this one for example:

Would warmoth "re-route" the bridge pickup to fit a P90 in there? since it woudl be a bigger route than whats already there?  I'm guessing not.  It kind of sucks because I'd really like to just grab one of the nicer marked down bodies that are already finished.  I'm not really looking for a specific look, i just want to grab something off the showcase that catches my eye.
I'm kind of thinking I might go with the normal tele setup rather than the deluxe, so i get the smaller pickguard and all that and just a master tone and volume rather than one for each pup.  I dunno.. I'm just brainstorming but i want a new body for this guitar.
Actually, yes they will.  My thinline Tele was a showcase item that was routed for standard Tele pickups in both positions, but I had them open them up into a humbucker bridge, and P-90 neck.  It was no problem, and only took a little bit longer than regular showcase stuff.
Yes, you can mount the pickup directly to the body with the springs behind the pickup.  I did it on my Warmoth tele, and I like it....