Tele bodies routed for B-bender...

Too few requests. Can't find the time to get to the long list of options with massive requests so the B-bender isn't being pursued any time soon I'm afraid.
Tell it to Clarence, Bernie, Jimmy, Marty, Brad and about three dozen others...

Heck, I'd be happy with 2 or 3 Tele bodies not routed for pickups once in a blue moon. I can dream.
Hipshot makes the Parsons B-Bender being used on the Bender-equipped Tele that Fender makes. It's a slightly simpler affair than the original Parsons because the bulk of the moving parts is mounted to the backplate. The rout required is still huge and fairly complex and could certainly benefit from the accuracy offered by cnc, though.

One day I'll screw up the nerve and do it myself. Until then, I'm going to monkey with the original Hipshot.