Swamp Ash Mary Kaye Jazzmaster

Octavian B

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I've wanted for quite a long time a vintage spec Jazzmaster (I'm without doubt a sucker for the tones of a 60's Jazzmaster) so this has definitely been a dream guitar project for a few years now - of course, with Warmoth parts it turned out way better than I could've possibly hoped for!

One Piece Swamp Ash Jazzmaster body in Mary Kaye white - vintage Fender american bridge with graph tech saddles.
Seymour Duncan Antiquity 2 pickups wired to vintage spec.
Padouk neck with a Brazilian Rosewood board, stainless steel vintage frets, gotoh kluson tuners.


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THAT IS SSSSWWWEEEEEET!! I am so jealous, I need to build one!  :eek:ccasion14: My lead guy plays a JM I think i should have one too
Yet another case of Fender Musical Products being put to shame by a regular joe with a vision of how a guitar should be built!  That really is one incredible looking JM! 
Thanks for the kind comments everyone - hanny, I think you not only need but should make one if that's the case, we need more bona-fide jazzmasters on this forum! It's a surprisingly versatile guitar due to the two tone circuits. The lead is very bright and punchy, almost like a telecaster (well just like a telecaster before the body warmed up a bit), then the rhythm is very warm - thus you can pretty much get six distinct tones from it.

Willyk, I noticed you mentioned possibly making another Jazzmaster - so of course now I'm curious about the details!

It's only the germ of an idea at the moment. I don't know if it would be classed as a bona fide jazzmaster when it sprouts. I can't get an authentic lefty bridge/trem and I don't like them anyway. I'm thinking about P90s of some description instead of the regular pickups and I've never been a fan of all those controls dotted all over the place. I love the body shape though, it fits like a glove.