super high gain 2 watt amp


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check this out ive been wanting a i guess youd call it a novelty amp small enough to fit in my marshal mini stack. all who have played these little marshalls know they have verry little tone. [ THIS IS NOT INTENDED TO PISS OFF ANY MARSHALL GUYS OUT THERE}  in my long search i found this guy that builds tiny low watt high gain amps. they arent that versital but they have real tube tone this is the one i bought .it sounds unbelivable and best of all its only $300.00. give it a listen and tell me what you think. remember this is a amp building/ desinging guy. hese not george lynch. listen to the amp not his playing skills. and remember this is recorded on a web cam.
sounds good for 2 watts, should be able to cram all that electronics into a battery powered belt clip headphone amp. I have yet to find a decent belt clip headphone amp, in fact I gave up looking after buying 3 peice's O crap.

have you ever seen/ tried these go to ebay and punch in supro guitar amp its a high gain amp it rocks click on the vidieo link in the add let me know what you think thanks kayle
Hey Toys, took me a minute to find it, that little thing looks awesome, for 25 bucks gotta be worth a try.

How do you people find this stuff?

i found it while looking for a small low watt amp  i saw it revewied by the boys in zztop supro makes one in a  pack of smokes  when zz top tried it at a guitar show they bought 100 of these little babys . i ordered min monday it will be here soon ill let you know what i think after i give it a whirl later kayle
I've got one of the lil smokey amps (in the pack of smokes). It's pretty damn loud for what it is and it really can drive a 4x12 cabinet.
He has been making them for more than ten years
The sound sample of that 1/4 sounds pretty killer.
Kostas said:
He has been making them for more than ten years
yes he has i found theses right off the bat they sound great but its more f a fender bassman tone witch is awsome but i was wanting a super high gain simular to a boogie dc-5 or a bogner and this little baby is real close to them dont get me wrong its not verry versitile but it sound like a boogie thanks for the link