Suggestions for first build

I'm pretty sure the sizing is screwed up at some points because the pickguard isn't fitting, but I like how it should look! White or black is the question now though
Black has drama, white blends in your scheme. I go with drama or white pearl. But you gotta do what pleases you. Imagine that your playing at a dark open 🎤 or at sunset at a garden party. That usually helps me.
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Tele bridges and bridge pickups are awesome. I have a dozen or so guitars, half of them have Tele bridge setups... @TBurst Std is right, they do everything from twang to raunchy rock. The hotter "Broadcaster" era wound Tele bridge pickups are my personal favorite flavor and have enough bite to keep up with P-90s all day.
Yep. My most used Tele has a Broadcaster bridge pup pairs with. SD antiquity PAF. The Broadcaster pup easily holds it own.
What happened to the esoteric aspect?
In the end I decided it wouldn't be anything insane, but it's smaller things like the reversed control plate, the pickguard, and the inlays. In addition, I'm planning to get a Squier Tele in the future for that classic Tele sound and mod it, same with my current Squier Strat. Ordering everything now, watch for a new thread when it's delivered!
Reversed control plate for a Tele is always good. Also consider and angled switch slot. Now all of a sudden you can reach everything you want.