Suggestions/Advice on this neck?


Hey there everyone. I am going to order a neck from Warmoth (my first ever order from Warmoth; I'm very excited) and I just wanted some advice. The goal is to make the shreddiest neck possible. It is **ahem**

-Standard Thin Profile
-Full Scalloped
-Biggest frets
-Explorer headstock
-Sperzel spacing for the tuner holes
**here's where I REALLY need help**
-Wenge neck (I'm putting it on a MIM (alder) strat on which I put Wolfetone pickups; good idea?)
-Ebony fretboard
-No Inlays
-24 frets (if possible)
-Cream or white binding

Let me know what you guys think! Any advice or suggestions at all are very much appreciated. Thanks!
I think alder and ebony will make a quite treble combination.

Wenge is supposed to be a "fast" wood but I never tried it myself.

Why dont you try a wizard neck for that shredder's feeling of emptiness in your hand?.
wenge is absolutely recommended for a fast feel!!!! pau ferro too, just raw maple, rosewood, bloodwood, all ok too. but wenge is really, really fast. I'd go with rosewood though. for shredding I want to put my hand on the neck (doh!) but I fix my hand on the neck so my hand will stay in 1 position. ziricote, bloodwood, padouk, pau ferro: too slippery! wenge is better, rosewood, is imho the best.
24 fret neck won't work; the 23/24th fret overhang would cover part of the neck PU cavity, you'd have to pull that PU to get it to fit.
Cool thanks a lot guys. Just one more question: this neck would be compatible with a standard Fender Mexican strat, correct? I mean I don't know why it wouldn't, but I'm just making sure.
I've never tried replacing a neck on a MIM Strat, just on Made in USA types; seems like I've heard of a couple of people having issues before with neck pocket fit, but don't recall those reports being long on details; they've been making MIM Fenders for quite a while and there have been some spec variances on items from time to time.

Pull the neck on your Strat and carefully measure the neck pocket against the specs on this page:

It'll probably be OK, but never hurts to check.