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So many nice guitars here lately...can an admin person start running a guitar of the month contest?  Each month we could submit, then vote.  The winner has their guitar displayed on the homepage for the following month!

One suggestion is we have 2 seperate divisions, WARMOTH FINISHED and MEMBER Finished.

Warmoth used to have a builder of the month on their official page, but it had the same guy on it for about years :)
Yeah I remember that.  It was some guy who built a bunch of plain strats.  I only ever saw one guy on there.
Oh, of course YOU want to do it Hannaugh. You have a guaranteed guit o the month when that LP gets built.
Haha.  Yeah, but it's not like mine would be guitar of the month every month.  Everyone else would get their turn.  I would nominate dbw's LP, a number of DocnRock's axes, the Nonsense Telecaster, and definitely that spalted Strat project that WojTheElder is working on, to name a few.

Plus it would be cool to let the self-finishers have a little more recognition and competition with eachother.  Those guys really deserve it.  I don't think I have the patience to do that type of thing, so I'm in awe of people like dmraco who do a really good job with theirs. 
sounds like we have a good thing here....who is the top dog moderator here?  Jack??
run a thread to have everyone post their entrees, than an admin will take the entrees and start a thread for everyone to vote.  Simple.
I like the idea, too.  Does it have to be a newly created one, or can it be one already posted?  Even though it's not my style of guitar, I really like the Tuxedo Tele.  I also like Riverbluff's (?) VW.  There are so many that I like....
+1 for the Tuxedo Tele.  Also like Kotas' Thinline which is simple and clean with Tele bridge + P90 neck pups.
to answer some of the can be and old build, a new build, no restrictions.  if you enter one month and do not win, enter the next.  There are no real prizes, except getting to show off your axe or Bass (we don't want to leave those out).  It will really let us show off the best of the best from our archives!  The only restriction is once you have won, you cannot enter it again.

At the end of the year, we take all the monthly winners and have a GUITAR of the THE YEAR vote!

I would be happy to coordinate this, I just need some help from one of the admins.