stromberg and carlson signet-22


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i have one of these bad boys, as i heard they are reguarded as some of the best tones around, and very flexible, said to also be the base of the first marshalls made, except marshals were supposed to be double not sure tho.....  anyone got any ideas on this>??
I don't get it...You have one, but you are asking me how it sounds? 
well i have a origional one and i am looking to tear it apart, rewire it, since the wires are all cloth, ground it, shield it etc.....but i want to  know if anyone has used em, and modified them and what would be the best thing to do to them, im looking for botique marshall tone wich it already sound good, but anyways  any advice??
"Boutique Marshall" is kind of like saying "professional do-it-yourself". A Marshall is a Marshall, and trying to get something else to sound like one would entail tearing out most of the guts and replacing nearly everything except (possibly) tube sockets, and if you're very lucky, transformer(s).
Also, a huge concern with a hi-fi amp is that they usually do not have iso transformers, which keeps hv from traveling up your cable and into your brain.
So, once you gut the thing, and modify it into a "Marshall", you probably will have spent way more than buying an actual Marshall.
You would have a much easier time converting it into a Champ type circuit, and even then, you'll have to be a bit lucky to be able to use what's inside.
Finally, by the tone of your question, I'm betting you've never worked on tube amps. Research heavily beore you go poking around, or it's curtains for you.