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I've decided to build a guitar for my senior project in high school. I was informed that in order to make the project legit, is to at least carve my own body. I was originally plannin to make a body similar  to a Dean ML. But i later realized that it may be slightly too complicated to do with my amateur wood working skills. I am now interested in making a king V, due to the fact that it might be the easiest body out there to make. The look i am going after is this Dave Mustaine Model made by Dean

I am also interested in making a string through body as shown in this Dean.

My question is: Does anybody have know what kind of bridge is used in this guitar? I would also appreciate it if somebody gave me advice on any other kinds of bridges suitable for a string through body.

Thank you for all of your help
That's looks like just a standard tunomatic bridge.

I guess you could technically do a mustang or jazzmaster bridge with string-thru... but why you might want a JM bridge is beyond me.
Use a Tune-O-Matic bridge, and this plate from WD Music:

<a href="">Flying V Tailpiece</a

I don't know why the forum won't let us embed hyperlinks....  So here it is again (and a bit less messy):
dudesweet157 said:
I don't know why the forum won't let us embed hyperlinks....

You can embed links, but in "BBC Code" format, not HTML.  The code looks like this:

[url= ...insert really long url here... ]Flying V Tailpieces[/url]

When you post that in the forum,, it looks like this:

Flying V Tailpieces

Thanks for the link, by the way!
Thanks for your help guys. My second question was going to be "were can i get that tailpiece?" But thanks to dudesweet that question is already answered.

Also, would you guys recommend another bridge other than the standard tune-o-matic for this project?
only other i can think of is a hipshot string through, but it wouldn't match the theme. so go with the tom.

and then there is this but its not a string thru
I personally like Tonepros bridges over the Gotoh that Warmoth offers.  They lock the bridge in place and supposedly increase sustain (I haven't done an A/B test with one guitar, so I can't tell you).  I like them because the bridge/saddles don't move when you take the strings off; they're locked in place.  No worrying about having to reset the action/intonation if you bump your guitar.  I've had regular TOMs slide off their posts and scratch the face of my guitar before (not a happy camper).  Never have to worry about that with a Tonepros :icon_thumright:.

As always, YMMV,

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The tonepros TOM sounds like a good idea. But i've been looking on the tonepros website and am confused about the different models.

What do you guys think i should use? Remember, i'm going to make the body from scratch so i'm also looking for an easier installation.

I'm pretty sure that i would want to use either the T3BP or the T3BT.