string buzz

big bob

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I have string buzz on the cardboard guitar, only on the low e string, only un plugged. ie does not come through the amp. what do you think could be the problem. buzz is on low e string only frets 2-6, only accoustic ...
could be something else buzzing, loose screw or part. Or it could actually be buzzing at the fret in which case it's all the time , not just acoustically. Try raising a saddle a bit, and of course sight down the neck to see if its straight or slightly reliefed
There are several things that can cause string buzz.  The first thing you need to do is make sure the neck relief is set properly, the second thing you need to do is make sure the string height is set properly. If you are still getting excessive buzzing, then your frets need leveled, re-crowned, and re-polished.  If the neck is warped, then you're screwed...
I'm with Alfang - I think it's some other part on the guitar that's loose and rattling a bit.  One way to localize it is to put your ear to the guitar while it's buzzing and try to find where the buzz is loudest.  If it's the back of the neck, then it's a neck/relief/setup/leveling problem.  If it's coming from the body because of the unique construction method you may have to live with it.
It is fret buzz I can hear it at the fret, I have the neck set for just a little relief.  I wet ahead and messed around with some shims, I have the action low, not slammed, and there is minimal buzz, I can hear it unpluged, but does not come through the amp. and i play loud so I can't hear it at all plugged in.. still the odd thing is it's only on the low e and only frets 2-7. I'm wondering if it's a saddle problem witch would suck as it has a shaller roller bridge, I can adjust forward and back and side to side, but not up individualy up is by thumb wheel. and I dont know if I can replace just one roller saddle.
Use an engineering ruler and measure the string height on the low-E string @ the 12th fret. It should be at 1/16 (2/32) to 5/64 of an inch. Any lower than that and you can expect some buzzing.You should not need more than just a very slight bit of forward neck bow...
help.. I changed out the low e (the buzzer) from a 46 to a 49. and the buzz stoped.. then five min later the buzz is back. I am 99% sure it's not fret buzz. The buzz is metal sounding ie metal rattle, I tightend  all the hardware still buzz.. if I play hard and fast as I usualy do buzz goes away, but comes right back.. It's ony accoustic ie does not go through the amp.. but still it just gets me aaaararragragartstsf.
Maybe it's trussrod rattle, sometimes I get that with only a very specific note range (usually the same area and string you're talking about). Maybe make sure the truss rod isn't loose?
If its loose hardware, the knock test usually ferrets it out.  Rap on the neck and body and listen for a rattle (kind of like knocking on drywall when looking for a stud). kind of sounds like a high fret.  Almost as if the 7th or 8th fret came loose on the bass side and is a little springy.  Try reseating it, but check it with a straight edge/fret rocker.  Specifically on the bass side.
thanks guys, I took my daughter to her soccer game, they won, god job guys/gals, came home and the buzz is gone.. It's been super humid here today and tonight dried up a little.. many people have said loose t rod nut and mine is just engaged so will tighten it up and see... I played the guitar quite a bit tonight, the tone cranke but on clean channel through the marshall dsl 401 is wet your pants good, sustain for days, this thing is super resonant. has a great clean jazz sound.. I must/will nail down the buzz.. I'm starting to think it just in my head .. I mean who cares ( besides me ) what it sounds like un pluged.. arrrrr ME..and now I listen for it, even try to make it happen.. whats my problem and yes I am  perfectionist with most things..