strat pickguard on a tele body...


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I've got this idea...has anyone tried/seen it before?  I'm hoping to see some pictures if anyone has.  Strat pickguard on a tele body...not a nashville.  Of course, I'd use some sort of strat type bridge (I've got fender deluxe 2-point trem in my workshop).
I've seen the reverse - tele bridge/pickguard on a strat.

Don't see why it could not be made to work. 
Actually, I saw a John Mayer concert on Palladia and he was played a blue guitar just like that one for one song. I'd say the guitar is exactly like a Strat, save the body shape.

It weirds me out more and more as I continue to stare at that picture... the universe is wrong...
oh SWEET!  Thanks, GoDrex  :eek:ccasion14:

I am gonna build it.  except, mine will have EMG SAV pickups, because that's what I've got sitting around. 
No problem - of course that's not exactly a strat pickguard. You'd have to cut your own to get one like that. Just sayin'