Strat Contour Heel Screws


I've just got a neck, body and all the parts to make a strat, but it has the contour heel. With the ordinary heel theres no problem, the screws just go into the neck at right angles, but with the contoured heel if they go into the body at right angles to the neck the screw heads arent going to be flush with the neck plate. This has obviously been addressed in the past so how do you overcome this. Thanks
It's maybe 1/16th of an inch on one screw where it doesn't seat all the way down. The only time I've noticed it is when I look at it. I've found it to be a non-issue when playing, haven't even once noticed it.
Are you using the screw set from Warmoth for contoured heel? I always do and have never had an issue in which they don't tighten down flush?