strangest instrument ever

I kind of like hurdy gurdies... they sound a lot like bagpipes only they don't give me a headache.
Man Junior Brown is great.  I saw him open for Dylan last summer and the thing that amazed me the most next to his dexterity at switching between six string and slide (I swear he pulls that slide out and puts it away in the blink of an eye) was his unwavering focus on the song.  He's got so much going on guitar-wise, but he just makes it look so easy that it is possible to just listen to the stories of his songs.  I really dug watching him, and all the dopes who only wanted to see Dylan were out milling around so I was literally right smack in front of him for his whole set.  Good times!
There really should not be a strange instrument thread without Pat Metheny's strange strange Frankensteinian creation: